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Priyaji Agung Pambudi
Savina Nurma Fardiani
Siti Zaenab
Amin Hidayati
Lala Julian Permana
Nurul Hidayatul Arofah


Human activities have contributed to environmental degradation. Improvement efforts are needed, one of which is through instilling pro-environmental behavior in children at the elementary education. This program aims to build and increase environmental awareness in elementary school. This community empowerment is carried out used the learning by doing method through the provision of materials, mentoring, and coaching. The participants had high enthusiasm for learning material about environmental education. Through the learning by doing method, the values ​​of concern for the environment can be easily accepted by children because they are in a happy and comfortable atmosphere, resulting in an increase in knowledge, sensitivity, and participation in conservation actions as the basic capital for forming pro-environmental attitudes and behavior. This successed has the potential to encourage wider implementation in everyday life, including waste management behavior, clean water use, electricity use, yard management, food selection, and consumption patterns. This program is one of the role models to fill the void in environmental education in the national education curriculum through the support of all parties, including academia, the private sector, government, community, and the media to mainstream environmental education in the non-formal sector in order to form a generation that cares about the environment and has the commitment to manage and maintain its sustainability in order to achieve sustainable development.

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Pambudi, P. A., Fardiani, S. N., Zaenab, S., Hidayati, A., Permana, L. J., & Arofah, N. H. (2022). PENGUATAN NILAI KEPEDULIAN LINGKUNGAN PADA SISWA JENJANG PENDIDIKAN DASAR . Darma Diksani: Jurnal Pengabdian Ilmu Pendidikan, Sosial, Dan Humaniora, 2(2), 88-99.