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Erna Wahyu Setianingsih Erna
Rifatul Hanifah
Hasna Huwaidah
Laila Kholisa Azzahra
Ade Gunawan
Hendri Hermawan Adinugraha


In this day and age teenagers are required to be able to do everything, whether it is according to ability or not. By studying and learning something, everything can be resolved. Like studying accounting which can increase understanding, knowledge, and can make it easier for us if we want to work in a company related to finance, such as being someone who works in a bank, being a cashier, workers who work in companies that focus on accounting and so on. This introduction to accounting is expected to be the first step for teenagers to get to know more about accounting. The purpose of this implementation is to introduce accounting to teenagers in Bojong village, and change the mindset of teenagers about the difficulties of accounting, as well as provide an understanding related to accounting. The method of this activity uses a mentoring approach where the youth in the Deny Jaya boarding house provide assistance regarding understanding accounting and provide questions related to accounting where they are introduced and taught how to journalize, identify and so on. From this dedication it can be concluded that 100% of the participants, 75% of the participants had understood the presentation material that had been given, and 25% of the participants understood enough and 0% of the participants did not understand.

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Erna, E. W. S., Hanifah, R., Huwaidah, H., Azzahra, L. K., Gunawan, A., & Adinugraha, H. H. (2022). PENDAMPINGAN PENGENALAN AKUNTANSI PADA REMAJA DI DESA BOJONG. Darma Diksani: Jurnal Pengabdian Ilmu Pendidikan, Sosial, Dan Humaniora, 2(2), 126-132.