• Noni Trisna Dewi
  • Ramses Indriawan
  • Ewaldo Amirullah Hadi
  • Tomi Irmayanto


Introduction: Breast Carcinoma is a malignant tumor originating from the parenchymal epithelial cells of the breast. This includes the ducts of the mammary glands and their supporting tissues, which grow infiltratively, destructively, and can metastasize. In 2018, an estimated 2.1 million women were newly diagnosed with breast cancer, about one new case diagnosed every 18 seconds. The global incidence of breast cancer has increased with an annual  year increase of 3.1% Case presentation: A female 51-years-old patient with right breast cancer on chemotherapy. She already has 6 times chemotherapy session the patient had a biopsy done one year ago and the results of the biopsy were obtained from a patient with grade 2 breast cancer, the patient had been offered to do breast removal but the patient refused, at this time the lump in the patient burst and bled continuously Conclusion: Breast cancer (Carcinoma mammae) is cancer of the breast tissue. Ca Mammae occurs because the condition of the cell has lost its normal control and mechanism, so that it experiences abnormal, fast and uncontrolled growth. Ca Mammae is often defined as a malignant neoplasm disease originating from the mammary gland parenchyma. There are various hormonal and non-hormonal factors that are thought to increase the risk of breast cancer, including age, genetic and familial, hormonal, lifestyle, environment, and a history of benign tumors.