Author Guidelines

General guidance for the authors in this journal,

1. Articles must be typed in 1,5 spaced, Times New Romant Garamond font with size 12 pt

2. Articles must be 5000-9000 words

3. The abstract must written in English between 150-200

4. Keywords 4-6 words

5. the local term terms should be written italic.

6. Reference use APA 7th.

Drafting Structure

Articles should be preceded by a title, followed by the author’s ID(s), abstract, keywords and the main body of the article. The main body of the article contains the introduction, discussion, conclusion and references. The introduction and discussion are not a must; the author can directly mention the title and subtitle of the discussion.


The research title should be succinct and insightful using a maximum of 15 words and without any acronyms. The topic should be actual and up-to-date.

Author’s identity

The name of the author should be without academic titles, yet containing identity, institutional affiliation and the accessible address of the corresponding author for the pre- and post-publication purposes.


The abstract submitted to Ulumuna Journal should be concise, factual containing the research objectives, research findings and the main conclusion. The abstract should not contain picture(s) or table(s), yet using single space, Times New Roman, font size 12, spacing after paragraph 6, and a maximum of 200 words.


Keywords should contain the general terms and be plural. Acronym should be effectively used (legal abbreviations used in the field that meet the requirements). These keywords will be used for indexation.


This section comprises the background, the literature review or the summary of previous relevant studies, the aims of writing the article, and the description of the problem solving and clear objectives of the research.


The author must explain the method that they use in his/her research project either qualitetive or quantitative. He also must elaborate the research prosedure and approah he applied to anaylise the data.  

Result and Discussion

The result and discussion are highlighted in the title and subtitles of this section. In addition, this section should significantly explore the research findings without redundant and long direct quotation.


The conclusion and recommendation of the author are given in this section and are consistent in using the term “Conclusion”.  The conclusion of the research should serve the urgent purposes of the study within this section. This can be followed by suggesting the relevant future studies.


The citation use the format of bodynote, and referencing format use APA style 7th edition.