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Huriyatul Fitriyah Noor


Freshwater fish farming in Bandar Lampung, particularly at Adipati Farm, faces challenges in optimal fish breeding. A seminar was conducted to enhance the understanding of fish farming practitioners regarding effective breeding management. The seminar involved pre-tests, post-tests, lectures, discussions, and field visits. Topics covered included fish breeding management, broodstock management, breeding techniques, and fish health. Evaluation revealed an 83% improvement in participants' understanding. Participants actively engaged, raising field-related queries. Interactive dialogues provided additional insights into fish health management and experiences in mitigating breeding failure risks. This seminar successfully enhanced the understanding of fish farming practitioners, providing significant benefits in sustaining both the quality and quantity of production.

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Noor, H. F. (2023). Counseling on Independent, Superior and Sustainable Catfish Hatchery Management (Clarias sp.) at Adipati Farm, Labuhan Ratu District, Bandar Lampung City. Indonesian Journal of Fisheries Community Empowerment, 3(3), 297-301. Retrieved from