Analisis Quality Of Service (QOS) Jaringan Outdoor 4G di Perumahan Royal Madinah Kabupaten Lombok Barat dengan Metode Drive Test

  • Muhammad Fajri University of Mataram
  • Suthami Ariessaputra Universitas Mataram
  • Abdullah Zainuddin University of Mataram
  • Sudi Mariyanto Al Sasongko University of Mataram
  • Cahyo Mustiko Okta Muvianto University of Mataram
Keywords: Qos, G-Nettrack Pro, Wireshark, Drive test, Cellular


Humans need access to information through cellular technology to support their activities, and will continue to increase with the times. This condition forces cellular service providers to continue to innovate to maintain quality to meet the various needs of their users, including in residential areas. Cellular service quality in housing can be determined using Quality of service (QoS) measurements, one of which is the Royal Medina housing complex in West Lombok Regency. The measurements of Quality of service values and signal level values are using the Wireshark and G-Nettrack Pro applications. In addition, measurements use the drive-test method. Based on the THIPON standard, the outdoor measurement results show that the throughput value is in a bad category, while the delay value is in the medium and bad category.