Percutaneous Nefrolitotomy in Duplex Collecting System

  • Ewaldo Amirullah Hadi
  • Akhada Maulana
  • Suharjendro
Keywords: Duplex Collecting System, Stone, PCNL


ABSTRACT Duplex renal collecting systems are a common congenital abnormality. One of the complications of this is renal calculi. Management of renal calculi in this patient is complex. We describe a patient with renal calculus in duplex collecting system whom was performed PCNL. A 53-year-old male complained pain on the right flank for several weeks. No complained of dysuria, LUTS or gross haematuria. He has had several episodes of UTIs in the past. He has history of hypertension and chronic kidney disease. One of the most common anomalies of the urinary tract, duplex collecting system of the kidney has a reported prevalence of 1 in 125 births. Minimal invasive techniques are advantageous in stone removal due to satisfactory stone clearance, reduced hospital stay, early recovery, and reduced analgesia requirement. PCNL in anomalous kidney is a safe and feasible procedure similar to normally located kidney but requires careful preoperative planning and one has to be vigilant for all possible intra and post-operative complications.