Relationship Of Age And Urinating Behavior With The Incidence Of Overactive Bladder (Oab) In Female Nurses At Risa Sentra Medika Mataram Hospital

  • ljuadmin
  • I Gusti Bagus Widiamatra Linggabudi
  • Pandu Ishaq Nandana
  • MI Ansyori
Keywords: age, urination habits, Female nurse


Introduction: Overactive bladder (OAB) is a chronic syndrome that has a major influence on the quality of life of sufferers. OAB is a prevalent disease, with a general incidence of 16.5%. Female nurses are more likely to get OAB because of their working conditions and poor urinating behavior.  Because the risk of infection is greater due to the short urethra in female nurses, so researchers aim to find out the incidence of OAB sufferers in female nurses of the surgical section at Risa Hospital by using OABSS. Method: This research is a correlative analytical study with a cross sectional design. Cross sectional research is a study whose measurement of variables is done only once at a time. Result: In this study, 56 samples met the criteria as study subjects, 16 samples had OAB (28.6%) and the rest did not experience OAB. The sample of OAB was divided into 13 mild OAB (23.2%) and 3 moderate OAB (5.4%). The average score of the urinating behavior is 0.47. The average age of respondents was 32 years, with the most age being 28 years. Conclusion: The prevalence of OAB cases in female nurses in the study was 16 samples (28.6%). Respondents with OAB had an average of worse urination habit scores. Respondents with OAB had a higher average age. The urinating behavior has a very weak opposite correlation with the incidence of OAB in female nurses. Age has a very weak correlation with the incidence of OAB in female nurses. Keyword: OAB, age, urination habits, Female nurse