Literature Review : Kidney Transitional Cell Carcinoma (Upper Tract Urothelial Cancer)

  • Shofi Suryalathifani Author
  • Akhada Maulana
  • Moh. Suprayogi
Keywords: Kidney, Transitional cell carcinoma, UTUC


Kidney transitional cell carcinoma or upper tract urothelial cancer (UTUC) is a rare malignant tumor that affects approximately 5% of all urothelial carcinoma cases. Various risk factors for this disease have been identified, including genetic and environmental such as smoking, aromatic amines exposure, aristolochic acid-induced nephropathy, analgesic abuse, chemotherapy regimens, and chronic urinary tract infections. Gross hematuria is the most common symptom of UTUC and only a small percentage of patients is asymptomatic. Radio-imaging has become main modalities for diagnosis of UTUC, mostly computer tomography urography (CTU) because of visualization ability of the lesion. Resection are the most treatment for low grade tumor and combine with immunotherapy for high grade tumor. Grade and stage of the disease have the most significant influence factors on survival rate. Keywords: Kidney, Transitional cell carcinoma, UTUC